Veterans Book Signing at Texas Flip and Move May 2021 Watch Party

Veterans Book Signing at Texas Flip and Move May 2021 Cast Party

Veterans Book Signing at Texas Flip and Move May 2021 Cast Party will include authors David E. Huntley, BJ Elliott Price and Terry Burgess. The stories encompass a spy thriller, stories of Vietnam war soldiers, and the journey of a Gold Star Family. Donna Snow will be hosting the Cast Party as well as the signing with these 3 authors Friday, May 14, 2021 beginning at 6pm.

‘Deathwatch Beetle: A Historical Post WWII Spy Thriller’ Book by David E. Huntley

First is London born David E. Huntley. The father of four formed Huntley Associates (Dallas) Inc 42 years ago, one year after moving to the United States. His book is a spy thriller set in 1950’s when London and the rest of Europe are reeling with the aftermath of WWII. The story follows Donald Harvey, a British engineering company executive. Donald’s firm has been hired to locate missing WWII high level Nazi SS general Hans Kammler.

‘Behind My Wings Untold Stories of Vietnam Vets’ Book by BJ Elliott Prior

Second is BJ Elliott Prior. It was during her 40+ year tenure with Continental Airlines that Betty Jo got the nickname BJ. The flight attendant met many Vietnam vets who were either flying to or from war on MAC (Military Air Command) flights. Between the years of 1969 & 1971 BJ heard the stories of Vietnam vets. As well as seeing the toll that both the war and the hostile treatment of disapproving Americans was taking on the soldiers. This book shares the stories of those otherwise forgotten vets.

‘When Our Blue Star Turned Gold’ Book by Terry A. Burgess

Third is Terry A. Burgess, a Gold Star Parent. Terry is already the author of 5 fiction books. As well as the Vice President of Gold Star Family Relations for The Apache Warrior Foundation, where his wife Elizabeth is the Treasurer. Additionally, Terry and Elizabeth are the creators of the 501(c)3 non-profit organization Gold Star Parents Retreat. This retreat is a no cost weekend getaway for any Gold Star Parent. At the retreats parents learn and share with others in attendance their journeys as Gold Star families.

In his book ‘When Our Blue Star Turned Gold’, Terry shares about his son SSG Bryan A. Burgess. Bryan entered the US Army in March of 2003 during Operation Enduring Freedom. As an infantryman Bryan was assigned to 101st Airborne-1st Brigade Combat Team-2nd Batallion-327th Infantry Regiment-No Slack-Charlie Company.

During his time in the US Army, Burgess was the recipient of many awards. Including 12 medals, 3 ribbons, 2 certificates of achievement, and 2 badges. In his book, Terry shares about his son as well as his families journey through becoming a Gold Star family.

Texas Flip and Move Cast Party at Cooper’s in the Fort Worth Stockyards

Make plans now to attend this Veterans Book Signing at Texas Flip and Move May 2021 Cast Party. Joining Donna will be Toni Snow and the mischievous Lone Wolf Randy Martin at the Texas Flip and Move Watch Party on Friday, May 14 at Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ in the Fort Worth Stockyards beginning at 6pm. Have some good food, hang out with some of the cast of the show, and meet the three authors. Visit with them about their books and let them tell you about the people, places or events in them.

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