Be a Volunteer

We need you.

What happens in the Donation Process

  • The USVET.Fund Team will coordinate your donation and earmark the funds dedicated to the cause or program you designate.
  • If a Cash or Monetary Donation is made it will be directly to that specific account.
  • If a Real Estate donation is made. The USVET.Fund Team will coordinate a successful transfer of title to a qualified buyer then transfer to the appropriate designated fund.
  • Personal Property may be collected by the USVET.Fund Team. The items will be sold by Auction to realize the highest and best possible price. The liquid funds will be distributed accordingly.


  • Personal Property and Real Property will be handled by Licensed Real Estate Brokers and/or Auctioneers. There will be access to online bidding as well as live auctions.
  • If your organization wishes to partner with the USVET.Fund Team, members of the Organization will meet with you for a no-obligation consultation to determine a viable path to create a fundraising event.
  • If you are an Individual that wished to create an event for a private function

We stand Ready



Core Values


A Nation That Will Stand Together to Support Those Who Have So Willingly Fought for Our Freedom, Defended Our Values While Protecting the Rights of Every American No Matter the Race, Religion, Color, Creed, Age, Ethnicity, Cultural Traditions or Personal Orientations from Sea to Shining Sea.

To learn, listen, observe and then react to the needs of American Veterans that have faithfully fulfilled their obligations, and giving aid and assistance to them and their families with education, vocations, service and support.


Semper Fi Standing Semper Fortis. Aiming High to Fly, Fight, and Win. Assuring All This We’ll Defend. All This We Have Done Yesterday, Today and Will Do Tomorrow. Supporting a Cause Greater Than Our Own Destiny.

Words From Veterans

Volunteer Your Skills

Most folks have a special skill. You can volunteer your skill to help someone advance their career. Your skill may be unique; your skill may be popular. The important thing is how can you use your skill to help others?


Volunteer Your Time

Time may be one of the most valuable assets a person may hold. What can you do with your time? The answer may be within your own heart. You know what you could give. I have seen youngsters at fundraiser auctions donate a carwash and yard work. As an Adult, there are so many things a person could do. What could you do?

Volunteer Your Services

Services could range from fixing a faulty electrical switch or a roof cleaning. How about a review of a person's tax returns? I bought a will package from an Attorney one time. These types of services are endless. Can you provide a service, or can you ask if someone will provide a service?


Secure Lunch with a Dignitary

Do you know someone, or someone who knows someone? I have seen these types of packages bring tremendous interest. Think about dinner or lunch with the owner of an NFL team. Better yet, maybe dine with your Congressman, Senator or President of a large corporation. Put your thinking caps on, and get your rolodex out…Make some calls!

Cash Donations, Checks Work To!

Can’t think of anything quickly?  Just pull out your wallet or write a good check. Tap into that credit line. Cash will be deductible most of the time. The most important thing is to find a way to help. Your support with cash may make a valuable need come to reality. 

Personal Property Donations

This is an easy way to clean out the cupboard, the closet, the garage, the barn or the house. There could be no more gratifying exercise than to give something you treasure and turn it into tuition for a Veteran's child to get to go to college or vocational school. What a difference you could make from something that is collecting dust.

Real Property Donations

Yes, people have real estate, vacant land, homes in disrepair or commercial property that has been sitting on a corner for years. Many people need a capital write off. This is one way to get it. Talk to your CPA and see if you would qualify for a huge tax deduction by donating real property. How many books, uniforms or tools could be purchased for a new student attending a vocational school? Or what about help paying light bills for a WWII Veteran? Lots of water can be provided during a natural disaster; maybe a person that needs special surgery or even a place to live.