Roll Call Fort Worth Monthly Luncheons Celebrate Veterans

Roll Call Fort Worth:

Celebrating and Helping Veterans

 Veterans gather once a month in a Ft. Worth church building for Roll Call. The last Friday of the month means fellowship and food for these men and women.

 As a matter of fact, five years ago the meeting began with much fewer in attendance. Many members of veteran Kevin Boldt’s family had also served in the military instilling in him a hunger for military history. Realizing the best way to learn is from those who lived history, Boldt invited some veterans out to lunch.

 So Boldt and fifteen WWII veterans were sitting at a table sharing a meal and memories. Tales began traveling around the table seat by seat detailing various branches and their roles in history. These men were much younger when entering war, some barely out of high school. They shared and spoke of the things they saw. The things they endured. The fear. The victories.

 Yet, just one lunch was not nearly enough to soak in all of the history and the stories. The next month they reconvened with a few more taking seats at the table. Month after month the number showing up for lunch grew. Veterans and grateful civilians.

Roll Call Fort Worth:

Celebrating and Helping Veterans

 In fact, to date several hundred gather on the last Friday of the month in the Family Activity Center of the Birchman Baptist Church. During the meal are a prayer, reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of the National Anthem.

 Throughout the room is the shaking of hands and hugging of necks. Each table dripping with accounts of battle. Recounts of history that make classroom textbooks come to life. Insatiable hunger to walk back in time through the memories of our nation’s heroes.

 Interestingly, Don Graves, a member of Roll Call, was recently a guest speaker at a fundraiser auction.  During the speech he shared accounts of landing on the Japanese beaches where the Battle of Iwo Jima would ensue.  Any member of Roll Call can speak at your event. Their speaking engagements help pay for Roll Call’s monthly meetings.

 Furthermore, those wishing to attend a luncheon must RSVP the Friday before. The luncheon is from 11:30am-1:30pm. Veterans eat free while civilian meals cost $15. Roll Call is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. Some ways that your generous donations help include: meals for veterans at the luncheon; transportation to the luncheon; groceries for a veteran.

Monthly Veterans Appreciation Luncheon

Birchman Baptist Church Family Activity Center

9100 N. Normandale St.

Ft. Worth, TX 76116

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