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Myers Jackson – Founder:

Myers Jackson – Founder:

His History

Myers Jackson – Founder:,  The Auction and Fundraising Team and Founder at is led by Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer who has performed thousands of Auctions in the U.S. and Internationally. Also, the Auctioneer of DIY Network’s “Texas Flip and Move”. With over 1,000,000 viewers each week, the show is a #1 hit reality TV SERIES. The cast and crew of Texas Flip N Move supports Veterans and wishes to do all that is possible to create awareness for Veterans’ Causes.

While in the United States Marine Corps, Myers Jackson served as a Non-Commissioned Officer based at NWS Yorktown, Virginia, The FMF with 3/2 at Camp Lejeune also in Okinawa, Japan.

Myers Jackson – Founder:

National Guard Service to USMC

Prior to joining the active duty USMC, Myers Jackson was a member of the Florida National Guard. Graduating Army Boot Camp at Fort Dix, New Jersey, in 1984. Upon the decision to join the Marines, he was informed that he must attend boot camp at Paris Island, S.C. So, add two boot camps to the list of accomplishments, also receiving medals for Good Conduct and receiving an Honorable Discharge in 1991 just prior to the 1st Gulf War. A side note, members of the unit where Myers served were placed on the cover of time magazine during the raising of the flag in Kuwait City.

Myers Jackson – Founder:

Auction School

Myers Jackson became an Auctioneer in year 2000. It is his desire to utilize his skills as an Auctioneer to help Veterans and their families. Fundraising is a talent. Creating awareness is a commitment. Working with American Service Members is an Honor.

The Auction Team is built from Service Members and Patriots alike. America is made of team work. Enthusiasm is there to carry out the mission of the organization with Esprit D’ Corps. Learning from the Motto of all branches of service is where a vision to create a working organization that can assist Veterans and their families was born.

Part of the mission is to be inclusive with Veterans creating involvement with other community members. The integration will bring awareness to the needs of service members and the opportunity to help in a multitude of ways involving Education, Support and Special Needs. It is a known fact that millions of Patriotic individuals are ready to help.

Myers Jackson – Founder: :

“Helping heroes Worldwide”

The Vision is to see a stronger development in a non-military action between friends and new acquaintances. These actions involve strength within our own communities but are not limited to helping a neighbor across the country. We as a team can accomplish so much more than as individuals. As the soldiers of today and warriors of the past have bled protecting the Stars and Stripes, we as a strong support element can give the much-needed handshakes of comradery, tears of joy and a few laughs to help someone make it through the day. Furthermore, we can help others in so many ways to brighten the life of someone we may not know. However, they may be in need the most.

Myers Jackson – Founder:

and the Mission

Mission: To learn, listen, observe and then react to the needs of American Veterans that have faithfully fulfilled their obligations, and giving aid and assistance to them and their families with education, vocations, service and support. Also supporting other organization committed to do the same.