Veteran Fundraising Programs

Individuals and Organizations

Have you Chartered a Charitable Organization?

Our professional team will partner with you on the fundraising.

Are you a Veterans Organization?

Our team will assist your unit to achieve more desired goals, from a small fundraiser to a super-size operation. Black Tie Gala or Down Home Get Down. There is no function too small or too large for consideration.

Do you know of a worthy cause that needs support?

The General Fund was created to support service members, veterans and their families in the event of a natural disaster. There may be extraordinary circumstances in connection with a certain cause or someone may be celebrating a homecoming from overseas.

Do you have a family member that is in need or Private Funding?

Our Team will help strategize and organize a fundraising event or seek to obtain private donations. Our mission is to create a service that could benefit all involved.

Are you a veteran, and do you have family members seeking higher education?

We support Vocational Programs, Higher Education Studies, Specialized Training, even the books, tools, uniforms or other items needed to accomplish the American Dream.

Do you know a surviving widow or retired Veteran that needs a little help?

Our Service Sector may be able to help offset electrical bills, medications or even groceries for the month. Our Team will go the extra mile to help those who have supported service members on the home front and those who suffered on the battlefield.

What are the Goals of the

Our Goal here is to help the Men and Women who have served this country by providing support in common or uncommon ways for their friends, family or just someone they know. We would like to help place a smile on a child’s face as their parent returns home or that glimmer of hope that fumbles in the minds of Veterans of Wars past. Imagine someone sitting alone in need, The USVET FUND will be an outreach to help. We all understand the trials and tribulations of many Veterans; however, we do not want to forget their families. We do not want to forget that person who may have put in their service many years in the past. We do not want to forget any child, any woman or any man who may have been affected by a tragedy in recent years. We do not want to forget that life is a joyous occasion, and we would like to celebrate as families grow, prosper and increase opportunities in life.

What Veterans have done and what can they do?

If you have served or if you know someone who has served, apply on behalf of yourself or another person. Each Veteran can serve in many capacities, even if you are just the messenger.

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