How do I apply for a Grant, Fundraiser or Scholarship?

How do I apply for a Grant, Fundraiser or Scholarship?

All applicants will be taken into consideration. Grants will be made subject to availability of funds and the nature of the type grant being considered. Not all applications may be approved, however each applicant could receive some type of consideration. The submissions and approval panels will look at each application.

Application will be made available after a request for submission.

Approvals or Disapprovals will occur after an appropriate time of review.

Approvals will be funded in a manner conducive to the situation.

Parties may be notified in writing, electronic mail or phone for next steps.

Once grant has been approved, The USVETS.Fund Team may ask for proof of acquisition.

What is Proof of Acquisition?

The USVET.Fund Team may ask for proof an acquisition will take place, enrollment has been applied for an approved or estimate of funding by purchase order or invoice. This may not be required in all circumstances; however, team members will take steps to ensure quality control and the integrity of the organization. We will strive to give advantages to those in need, not to be taken advantage of.

Personal Information

Applications may be personal in nature, however restricted to confidentiality. The USVET.Fund Team will make every effort to maintain professional guidelines upholding ethical assurances.

Moderation & Acceptance Panel:

Myers Jackson – Auctioneer

Jake Jackson – Auctioneer


Greater North Texas Chapter:

Donna Snow Landers – Texas Flip N’ Move Star & Designer

Toni Snow Barksdale – Texas Flip N’ Move Star & Designer

Randy Martin – Texas Flip N’ Move Star & House Mover

E.A. Rex King III – Retired Lt. Colonel & Vietnam Vet

David Eagan – Past American Legion Commander

Austin, Texas Chapter:

Dakota Jackson – Chief Technology Officer

Cleveland, Ohio Chapter:

Bruce Shields – USMC Vet

Tallahassee, Florida Chapter:

Dennis St. Pierre Charles – Event Specialist