Flags vor Vets

Flags for Vets Fundraiser

Flags for Vets Fundraiser, BBQ, Auctioneers and Good Times

A Recipe for an Impactful Summer Evening, Article by Pippie Hull

Fort Worth, TX – Thursday, June 20 @ 6Pm in Forth Worth, Texas at Coopers Old Time Pit BBQ. Come eat and fellowship with Veterans of all Branches.

Their presidents are each Veterans. Jamie Popwell-a United States Marine Corps Veteran and President of Flags for Vets. Myers Jackson-a United States Marine Corps Veteran and President of USVET.fund. For an evening these two foundations will join forces in a fundraiser and auction everyone’s going to be talking about. Make plans now to be at Cooper’s BBQ in the Fort Worth Stockyards on Thursday, June 20th at 7pm. 

Flags for Vets Auction Fundraiser
Photo by Rick Irving, Army Veteran, Patriot, Photographer

 Certainly these two remarkable gentlemen, Popwell and Jackson, work hard for and with their organizations making a difference and an impact in the lives of Veterans across our nation. 

flags for vets fundraiser _ us vet.fund

 To begin with, Jamie Popwell, a United States Marine Corps Veteran, founded Flags for Vets in early 2017. It began as a way for him to show his respect for our nation’s heroes. Purchase a flag and a pole and place it at the home of a Veteran. Soon his mission caught on. Before he knew it others in his community were chipping in with donations. Eventually Popwell created a paypal account and the donations continued to pour in. Flags for Vets has thus far blessed 345 Veterans (12 of which are Medal of Honor recipients) in 22 states with our American flag proudly waving atop a lighted pole.

Flags for Vets Auction Fundraiser
This Style Wooden Flag will be up for Bids at the Auction…See Other Pics Below

 Next, Myers Jackson is the man in the signature black cowboy hat with a recognizable voice. He is indeed a household name thanks to Texas Flip and Move on which he is the Auctioneer. Also in 2017, Jackson and five others founded USVET.fund. The mission is to help Veterans and their families with uniforms, support, vocations, education and training…hence the name USVET.fund. This dedicated team strives to learn, listen, observe and react to the needs of Veterans and their families by giving aid and assistance.

Veteran Fundraiser Auctioneers
This is an Amazing Piece of Art Signed by American Heroes

 Additionally, USVET.fund comes alongside other Veterans organizations helping to impact even more Vets. This done by fundraisers and auctions in which Jackson lends his impeccable chant with his trademark Big Hammer guiding folks all over as they open their hearts. 

 So, mark those calendars! You do not want to miss this event. Our nation’s Veterans gave and suffered so much so that you and I can have the freedoms we so cherish. They surely deserve a helping hand. 

 Therefore, join us: 

Thursday, June 20th

Starting at 6PM with Don Graves Invocation and Speech

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que … Pick your Own Plate

301 Stockyards Blvd

Fort Worth, TX 76164

More Items will be available at Myers Jackson Online Bidding Portal

Custom Built AR-15 5.56 by Gunfighter Elite
Custom framed and signed picture of Enola Gay Bombadeer, Tom Ferebee
Custom framed and signed picture of Enola Gay Bombadeer, Tom Ferebee
Custom made USMC Pen
Custom Made USMC Pen
USVET.fund_Flags for Vets Auction Fundraiser
USVET.fund_Flags for Vets Auction Fundraiser
Custom Copper Stamped signed by Woody Williams Medal of Honor
Hand Made Purple Heart clock

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