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Ask us How to help a Veteran

Event Setup

Events may be held at any public, private, authorized military installation, or any Veteran Organization that wished to cooperate with the USVET.fund


The USVET.fund in the process of organizing chapters will invite any qualified individual, organization or firm to organize a chapter under the organization bylaws of the USVET.fund

Team Members

The USVET.fund is actively looking for qualified team members to manage, develop, fund, volunteer, and otherwise grow this organization

Who does this Benefit?

Who Do We Help?
• Veterans, Past Present, Future
• Family Members of Veterans
• Surviving Spouses, Children of Wounded Warriors, PTSD Awareness
• Other Organizations, Do you have an event that you need help with fundraising?
• Military Support Organizations (VFW, American Legion, Marine Corps League)

The USVET.fund is looking deserving Veterans who have fulfilled their obligations that will be looking for advancement in education, vocations and service and support. Many times, we know that a Veterans family members needs our help as well. If you know someone that needs assistance the team members are standing by to hear from you.

How can I Donate?

Donations can be made online by clicking the donate button. In person or by mail. There will be Auctions Live and Online at various times.

Is the Donations Tax Deductible?


How can I participate in the Event?

Contact a team member at the USVET.fund and ask how to be involved. There are multiple ways that individuals and groups can help make great things happen. Register Online @
http://MyersJackson.HiBid.com for mobile and smart phone bidding.

Where are the Events held?

Events are held anywhere there is an interest in the United States or any U.S Military Compound. The event may be held in cooperation with Veteran Organizations such as the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars. However, many events will be help by The National Leadership Team at the USVET.fund or one of the many USVET.fund chapters around the Country.

How can I be the Team Member?

Apply with the USVET.fund Inc. This is an ever evolving, dynamic and technologically driven team. We are in the hunt for programmers, web development specialist, marketers, event coordinators, and AUCTIONEERS. If you fell you can be a fit on the USVET.fund team please inquire within.

What is the Best way to participate?

This is a solid choice you can make based on your skill sets or participation level. You may want to be more active of volunteer on a part time basis. You may not be able to volunteer, if not, donate in cash or some other form of monetary form. Many more ways to participate are listed at https://usvet.fund/service-and-support/

Can I bid Online?

Yes…Create a donor profile online at http://myersjackson.hibid.com
The Registration is free, pay attention to the terms, shipping and handling conditions.

How to Contact USVET.Fund





Mail Contributions to:
USVET.Fund Inc.
PO Box 2014
Grapevine, Texas 76099