North Texas Marines

DFW Marines Have a New Place to Meet with the Metroplex Marines

DFW Marines Have a New Place to Meet with the Metroplex Marines for monthly meetings in Dallas Fort Worth welcoming Marine Corps active, retired or reserve. A place where USMC veterans and friends meet monthly. Myers Jackson photographer.

DFW Welcomes New Marines

New USMC veterans have a place to meet in the metroplex. DFW welcomes new Marines to the area inviting them to visit Metroplex Marines. Meet fellow marines who understand the roads you have traveled. As well as those you are currently traveling.

Monthly Luncheons with Marines in DFW

How about lunch? Getting together for monthly luncheons with Marines in the DFW area breaking bread and sharing a memory or two. Truly, on the first Thursday of the month, Marines who are active duty, retired or reserve. From any war be it World War II through to Iraq/Afghanistan. All are welcome.

Furthermore, this is a place to gather for fellowship and camaraderie. Sharing memories. Swapping stories. Receiving support from peers understanding of what you have been through. Creating new memories and relationships.

Resources for DFW Marines

In fact, don’t just come hungry for a meal and companionship. Those looking for an array of assistance can find that here. Through the many military support charities and veterans organizations from across the North Texas region in attendance.

Time & Place

To recap, the Metroplex Marines meet on the first Thursday of the month at 12:00 Noon. At the TEXO Building 11101 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75229. The cost is a $10 donation. Bring those smiles and keep a look out for USMC veteran and photographer America’s Auctioneer Myers Jackson.

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