Iwo Jima Survivors Reunion 2020

Iwo Jima Survivors Reunion
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Iwo Jima Survivors Reunion 2020

Iwo Jima Survivors Reunion 2020 is just a few months away. Talk has the event going to Washington D.C. As a matter of fact Lanette Brown, Coordinator for the event says that the goal to to get these WWII Veterans for Washington all expenses paid. This is gong to tale a huge effort and we need your help. Please consider a donation to this worth cause. In return the USVET.fund will deliver to your door a MAP of IWO JIMA signed by survivors at the 2019 event. Additionally, a video is being prepared with stories seen through the events of the soldiers that battled the fields of bravery setting the stage to raise the flag of the United States of America on Mount Suribachi … Additionally, your gift package shall include the reenactment of Woody Williams as he hurls the flame thrower just as he did in 1943. More photos of Marines with Flame Throwers and the casualties of war included. This package can be your for a donation of

Package A. *Full Photo Package and *MAP of IWO JIMA – Full Video on disc.

UnFramed $2500.00  – *Framed $3500.00

with General Sponsorship $5000.00

*In frame: Signed Map of Iwo Jima,

*Flag Raising of Iwo Jima, ER in Cave

*Flame Thrower Iwo Jima, Flames in the Bush

*Woody Williams MOH Challenge Coin,

*Sand from Iwo Jima

Package B. Map of Iwo Jima Signed By Iwo Jima Survivors, Photos (no frame).

UnFramed $1000.00- Framed $1550.00

Package C. Group Photo of Iwo Jima Survivors with Signatures.

UnFramed $250.00 – Framed $650.00

Professionally Framed by David Visi

owner of Art Impressions Colleyville, Texas

Iwo Jima Survivors Reunion 2020 Campaign …

Package Photos for Fundraisers

* Limited Edition Certified Prints of the Original PhotosIwo Jima Commemorative

Package A. will Include; Framed Iwo Jima Commemorative, 10 printed photos, 50 digital photos of past reunions 2017, 2018. Iwo Jima Challenge Coin, Woody Williams MOH Challenge Coin, Remembrance Video of Veterans signing the Map of Iwo Jima. Great Stories.

Package B. will Include: Signed Map (unframed), 10 Printed Photos, 50 Digital Photos (Map Only Framed $1550.00)

Package C. will Include: Group Photo Iwo Jima Survivors Reunion (Photo Only Framed $650.00)

Fiske Handly WWII Hero

Army Air Corp ” Fiske Hanley”

Iwo Jima Survivors

Iwo Jima Survivors Reunion

Iwo Jima Survivors Reunion