Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce Auction

Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce Auction

Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce Auction


Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce Auction. Myers Jackson  Leads the Exciting Live Auction

Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce Auction, Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneer sells Big Gavel @ 1750 & the Small Gavels @ 500 bucks for Wise County Veterans. Local business owners support Veteran’s and the causes important to Veterans.


The Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce spent Saturday, February 9th handing out some honors and treating attendees to some incredible entertainment.

Notably there were more than 400 in attendance for the annual banquet. The venue was the Decatur Conference Center with festivities kicking off at 5:30pm. Embodying the evening were honors, an open bar, Pete’s Piano Bar, and Myers Jackson America’s Auctioneerconducting the live auction.

Myers Jackson and The Hayhurst Brothersbridgeport chamber of commerce

 First of all, each year the chamber of commerce names the Citizen and Business of the year. Last year’s Bridgeport Citizen of the Year was Police Chief Steve Stanford. Also a previous Citizen of the Year winners is Kevin Holzbog (2017). This year’s honor of Citizen of the Year goes to Mr. John Cortez.

Additionally Cortez, his family and his business partner received an award during the evening. Also in attendance was a businessman well known in the area for many, many years. Automobile dealer and president of First State Bank, Mr. James Wood.

Then came the live auction. Starting off the bidding was a stunning table hand built by local homebuilding trio and Texas Flip and Move team Daniel, Jake and Seth Hayhurst. To the Hayhurst Brothers, the table is an important piece of furniture. This is the spot that families gather around and recap the day and create memories. The piece they showcased was a live edge pecan slab with walnut inlay. Definitely an example of their incredible talent!

From the start of the auction those bidder cards were raised high until the end. Numerous items were donated by local businesses. Such as a steak dinner for 25 people. As well as three hunting trips in Argentina. Donating the trips was Pioneer Outfitters. As of 2018 Pioneer Outfitters has donated items to over 165 organizations helping raise more than $1 Million for charitable organizations in Texas.

Certainly the evening was a buzz with the dedication and motivation of multiple Bridgeport businesses. Fun was had by all in attendance. Our congratulations to each of the evening’s winners!

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