Yes, America has been built from the pure intestinal fortitude of millions of brave solders that have been willing to give it all. Hundreds of Thousand have not come back from the battle field and some 40 thousand are still missing.

“Upon assuming command of the Continental Army, George Washington removed elected officers, replacing them with leaders capable of maintaining discipline and command. Though considered undemocratic by some, this action helped set a standard for military leadership that remains today. Further, the Continental Army was an integrated force. At various points during the war, it was composed of between 6 percent and 12 percent black troops. Though done largely out of desperation, the New England states showed great enthusiasm for enlisting African-Americans. According to a French officer, blacks comprised three-quarters of one Rhode Island regiment.” Segment from THE HILL.

Since that time, the American soldier has undertaken many episodes of battle. Training experiences beyond measure and list of casualties that breaks the hearts of many. Many worth Veterans Organization cover the Nation to help those that deserve more than they get. We have come a long way since 1775. Brothers and sisters in arms stand not in search of separation, however in the search of brotherhood.

Also as well millions pf patriots stand ready to advance the cause of freedom with charitable giving, helping hands and cheerful smiles. The opportunity to do more and to give more is upon each of us every day. The recognizes the needs in thousands of households and yes those without a home. Join our cause today. Let your heart lead the way, allow freedom to shine.


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  1. Pippie Hull

    Proud of what you all are doing! Please let us know how we can help.
    Thank you for your hard work & your dedication!

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